Depression isn’t as loud as a physical pain or trauma but is even more worse to bear and survive with. Many times when people think of someone with depression they paint an image of a person with a upset face, sadness, or a person who cries. But this is not true, there may be depression behind a laughing face too. Depression is when someone smile in front you but cries in the corner of a dark room. It’s a constant feeling of numbeness, hopelessness, person becomes less expresive. Depression is when someone wake up every morning just to get through his another day of life. Depression is living a aimless life. Depression is constant struggle with cluster of thoughts, heavy heart, numb emotions, fear of attachment, fear of losing everything. Depression is when you want friends but same time hate socializing & sharing. Depression is fear of being lonely and at the same time want to be alone. It’s a fight with thousand thoughts, emotions, imaginations, haunting you..!! Depression is more dangerous than you think. Take care of yourself. Be watchful. Take care of your loved ones. They might need your love and support.

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