I don’t understand why our society is teaching us to over-tolerate certain things. Why we are learning to bear pain in the name of sacrifices. I understand that no one is perfect and life is all about good notes and bad notes and is full of imperfections, but that doesn’t mean that every phase of our life needs to be very complex and full of compromises. Additionally, the movies and tv shows these days, portray perfect images of some so-called perfect peoples with perfect lives and relationships, which unnecessarily pressurize us to tolerate certain issues in the name of patience, care and love. There is nothing perfect 100% ok in a relationship. Everyone around us teaches us to be more patient, to try fixing the issues with others instead of preserving ourselves for the people who match our frequency and vibes!! When they will teach us, to fix ourselves or when WE will stand for ourselves and fix our broken or unidentified pieces?? When we will realize that “letting go” is as important as “holding on”.?! Self realization and self love is need of the hour. Don’t be “OK” with everything.

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