The only one who can guide your ride and stand rock solid by your side is your “Family.”

Sometimes a phase comes when you started to feel that generation gap and thought differences, when you think that your parents or your siblings don’t understand you, don’t love you or they don’t support you but it’s not true.

I know how it feels like when your parents don’t agree with your thoughts or you don’t wanna listen their point of view because somewhere sometime I also faced such feelings. But what I learned out of all this is nobody could ever love and support you like your family and siblings can.

It’s okay if you have some differences no home or family is perfect and we need to understand this, may be our parent’s opinion seems strict or different to our’s but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you or don’t understand you. If you want them to understand you, you first need to do the efforts to make them understand, sit with them, spent more time exchange your thoughts, understand each other’s perspectives and it’s not that much hard trust me.

I’m sure no one else can guide the ride of your life better and best than them. Having differences is okay but not trusting them or not sharing with them or hiding your worries is Not Okay.

Talk to them without having a second thought just talk whatever you are feeling, whatever you are facing, break the ice and connect with them. They aren’t our enemies they just try their best to do the best for you.

Sit, talk, explain, debate, argue or just keep your mouth shut, but don’t walk away from them please. Don’t mistreat them. They don’t deserve this hatred or misbehavior.

They are the only one who can love infinite, who can protect you from this cruel, dishonest and selfish world.

Don’t wait for a lesson to understand this.


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