I will not forgive her/him throughout my life.
I can never forgive myself.” Saying these sentences in anger or when we are upset, we think we are punishing them with our thoughts. But that’s not true. Holding the anger within us, regretting the moments or a guilt trip will only harm you and your inner peace. Trust the power of forgiveness. I’m not telling you to open your arms to those who hurt you or those, who don’t belong to you anymore. What I mean, is to open your heart to forgiveness. Forgiving heals us not them. Once you forgive them, you will feel those scars aren’t hurting you anymore, those memories will make you smile instead of haunting you. Sometimes you have to forgive to eliminate the negative and toxic emotions we are carrying unnecessarily. Forgiveness doesn’t mean to forget, it simply means that your peace of mind and happiness is more important than any bitter experience or hatred you had suffered in your life. Your peace is your priority. Start with forgiving yourself. Then the rest of people, may be they don’t deserve your forgiveness but you surely do! #DrNavika

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