I want someone broken as me..

I want someone who can read pain in my dry eyes.
Someone who has suffered sleepless nights.
Someone who knows how it feels when life suddenly leaves you hopeless on the streets, lonely and lost.
Someone who knows pain of losing love.
Someone who understands, hurt of deception.
Someone who wants to know my pain, to accept me, to heal me.. not to punish me, to judge me.
Someone who can still play the song of love with broken strings of my heart.
Someone who has survived the pain of separation.
Someone who will appreciate my presence.
Someone who will hold my hand in every happy & worse situation.
Someone who will love me like everything.
Someone to whom I’ll be everything.
Someone who will be afraid of losing me.
Someone who will stand by my side, no matter what.

If I ever thought of a person by my side, I thought of someone broken as me.

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