One day you feel like you are the strongest person, who is ready to accept every struggle without a single thought of giving up. You convince yourself in every situation to deal more patiently, to handle everything with more maturity. Like you can feel your strength. You know you can survive this too and you understand how important it is to hold yourself this moment. You fight with every tear to wear that brave smile, that beautiful smile hiding emotional scars.. You fight with every fear for the sake of your loved ones who can’t see you like this. One day you feel like you’ve finally decided to look forward and you’ll never turn back, you’ll never let those past flashes to affect you…


Another day you feel like you are scared.. you are lost.. you are blank.. you are hopeless.. fighting with some memories haunting you,a present troubling you, testing your patience and making you weak.. Like there is no one to hug you, to calm you.. to understand your fears and dreams, to assure you that you’ll be okay, to handle your anxiety, your depression, your loneliness. Every thing or every person around you either irritates you or makes you emotional. Every attempt to accept the reality seems to fail, You just sit in a corner trying to stop those tears coming out from your eyes, running down your cheeks.. wishing that if you can go back and change some incidents.. some memories. Thinking that if you could ever be able to deal with this present situation and past flashes.. feels like you are scared.. lonely.. lost and confused..

Everyone, once or many times in his/her life face this emotional stuck.. One may face these two completely different situations at the same time or at different moments.. the thing is you need to balance your thoughts and yourself in between the two different states of mind. People usually say either our mind or our heart controls us but the fact is our emotions, our perception towards life and people and circumstances actually controls us. If you want to handle these two positive and negative situations respectively, you first need to understand that controlling your emotions and thoughts is more important and necessary before you need to solve your issues or to get rid of your worries or sufferings..

“Dr Navii”

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