Depression, anxiety and overstress has ruined many lives. It snatches your peace and happiness. Recognize the signs, before it ruins your life & relationships. If you think you are suffering or feeling these mental issues. Please take some minutes to read this, it can help you.

1. Acceptance of reality. Take a deep breath think what you can & what cannot change about a situation, work on the things which you can change & be brave enough to accept the situations around you which you can’t change or which aren’t in ur control.

2. Self love is all imp thing we very often miss. Understand the fact that you deserve your own care and love. Self care is as imp as caring about someone you love. It builds your inner strength and confidence. Accept yourself the way you are. Accept who you are, don’t ever try to change yourself for the sake of others or for the sake of some temporary appreciations by other people. Trust me you don’t need this. Instead start appreciating your honest efforts towards your dreams & life. It’s worth it.

3. Let go off the negativity. It’s very imp to have a positive mindset because a negative mind will never give you a positive life. I know it sounds a little philosophical but give it a chance, like no matter what, decide that you will not give up on yourself.

4. Don’t allow people’s opinions & judgements to harm ur peace and happiness. You don’t need a third person validation in your life. Do what makes you happy without having a thought of what people will think. If you know you are not wrong, have faith and start chasing your dreams. Because.. Your dreams. Your path. Your life. Their words are nothing. I repeat nothing. Don’t let them distract you or affect you.

5. Be creative along with being productive. As I said above do what makes you happy. Do what makes your soul happy. Anything which soothes your soul, distracts your mind from daily stress like music, nature walk, art, books, walk, dance, writing, learning, games etc. Your mind and heart needs that special treatment. And it’s necessary too.

6. Learn to let go. Don’t let your past to ruin your present and future. Only thing a past can brings is trouble. It’s okay if you failed once, twice, thrice or etc always remember you have a new chance and a new life every single day when you wake up in the morning. Regrets and past are good to learn from but don’t stick your life to it. Just let it be!!!! You are never too late till you are alive.
6. Challenge your comfort zone. It’s okay if it doesn’t work or you just mess up everything. But give yourself a try because doing something is always better than doing nothing.

7. Share. One of the most important thing is to open up about your fears, insecurities, your problems. Don’t hide under a table. Face what you are feeling and share with anybody you fill comfortable with whether ur friend, parents or anyone. Speak your heart out at least in front of a single person without any fear of being judged. Still If you think you don’t have that one person, talk to yourself by writing or express or confess anonymously. But Share, speak, talk don’t burden your mind & heart. Vomit every thought.

8. It’s okay if have some scars. If you have made some mistakes in past. Don’t allow your scars and past to control you. It’s gone. Repeating and feeling guilty will bring nothing. It’s okay. No one is perfect. Accept and deal your imperfections, it makes you a human. Don’t carry any guilt in your heart. It’s not worth your inner peace.

9. Dont ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Recognize those unusual signs. Be physically active. Involve 30-50min of physical activity in your daily life. Exercise, gyming, yoga, dance, sports whatever you want to do. Do !! Eat healthy. Sleep well. Minimize social media use if you think it affects or triggers your negative thoughts, and insecurities.

10. Last but not least if you think your efforts are still not enough and if something is bothering you severly, ask for a professional medical help. It’s okay to seek help there is nothing to be embarrassed or feel shy about. It’s completely normal to have these issues. If you are not feeling okay go for a medical help. Your well being is more important than other thing or opinions. Remember that.

Hope my words will help you. Take care of yourself. 🙂

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