And Sometimes we get so mad and crazy about someone’s presence in our life, in the desire to feel them, in hopes of spending our whole life with them that we often overlook our self-esteem. We don’t even realize how a single person controls so much of our life and affects every aspect of it directly or indirectly. No I’m not saying that loving him/her is wrong or being a crazy or mad lover makes you insane. Not at all. Love is a very beautiful feeling and it becomes more beautiful with a beautiful(in all senses)lover. But ! Forgetting own self and depending on a single person for all your happiness and dreams is too dangerous. This dependency leads to limitless expectations and disappointments as it’s consequences… and disappointments may develop fear, insecurity, sadness and so on. Don’t ..! Who so ever is reading this please don’t let this happen to you. Love them but love yourself too.. and love yourself enough!! You need yourself first.❤️

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